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Anti-Obama Trinkets Explode in Sales…

Anti-Obama memorabilia — from T-shirts to bumper stickers to buttons — is increasingly emerging in the marketplace as the president’s economic and health care policies polarize supporters and detractors.

While “Mama for Obama” was a popular slogan during the 2008 election cycle, that design has been retooled with angry and fickle disenchantment: “To the Mama for Obama — thanks for the tax hike.” The “Audacity of Hope,” the title of Mr. Obama’s popular book, has been replaced by the “Audacity of Hype.”

“It really started peaking about a month ago,” said Amy Maniatis, vice president of marketing at the online seller Cafepress.com.

Craig Ridgel, who runs the online and eBay store secularstupidest.com from his home in Atlanta, says that when he first started his business selling anti-Obama bumper stickers, he Googled that product description in January and “there wasn’t much that popped up.”

“Since then, we’ve seen this explosion of designs,” he said. “We’ve been seeing an increase in sales every month. This past week was our largest week.”

Displaying a bumper sticker or wearing a button or T-shirt is a way for conservatives and other Obama detractors to express their emotions, he said, calling it “an inexpensive way to get the word out.”

He has also received his share of hate mail from Obama supporters.

“The Web is fueling a lot of this,” he said, noting that his company will produce a special logo in advance of the Sept. 12 tea parties. “You can’t just go to Wal-Mart and buy an anti-Obama T-shirt.

“I think a lot of people are angry, and they have had this spark ignited in them, and they just can’t hold it in anymore. I think a lot of conservatives didn’t like President Bush that much. They were disappointed in him, yet it was kind of hard for them to criticize him openly because he was supposed to be our man,” Mr. Ridgel said.


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