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Army Elite Gather for “Irregular Warfare” Meeting

Defence Secretary has called on all armed services to be more versatile in un-conventional warfare.

FORT BRAGG, N.C. —The Army’s top brass and policymakers met Tuesday at Fort Bragg to discuss the future of war.

The three-day conference at the post, home to the Army’s Special Operations Command, highlights how the Army plans to adapt to fighting wars where large-scale battles are rare and hit-and-run ambushes are the norm. The military will be asked to execute a wider range of missions that no longer include just fighting the Red Army or insurgents.

In future conflicts, military members will face an unstable battlefield where they will be asked to not only defeat the enemy, but forge relationships with the local athorities.

All the speakers stressed the need for well-educated leaders who can work independently and understand how to build relationships with local forces.



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