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‘Crash’ For Clunkers!

Crash For Clunkers

'Crash' For Clunkers

Watch extended video of the car launch

Instead of “Cash for Clunkers,” you could call it “Crash for Clunkers.”  While it may not stimulate the economy, it sure stimulated his friends and neighbors.

“It’s great family entertainment,” said Lisa Halverson. “Cheap family entertainment.”

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon last weekend, more than 300 people gathered at Moravitz Excavating to watch old cars race down a runway, launch into the air and crash into a gravel pit. It’s the brainchild of Bob Moravitz.

“You don’t get to do this kind-of stuff very often,” he said. “I mean, destruction of a car that really isn’t worth nothing anyway. So let’s just wreck it.”


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