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Suspension of The Constitution and Marshal Law

September 1, 2009 Leave a comment

The Constitution is being subverted through a series of executive orders on both sides of the political isle. The history of this subversive coup goes much further back, but we’ll pick it up here with the Truman administration.

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Polio Vaccine Virus Mutates – Causes Surge of Cases in Nigeria

August 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Polio, a dreaded paralyzing disease stamped out in the industrialized world, is spreading in Nigeria despite efforts to stamp it out. And health officials say in some cases, it’s caused by the vaccine used to fight it.

Nigeria and most other poor nations use an oral polio vaccine because it’s cheaper, easier, and protects entire communities.

But it is made from a live polio virus — albeit weakened — which carries a small risk of causing polio for every million or so doses given. In even rarer instances, the virus in the vaccine can mutate into a deadlier version that ignites new outbreaks.

The vaccine used in the United States and other Western nations is given in shots, which use a killed virus that cannot cause polio.

So when WHO officials discovered a polio outbreak in Nigeria was sparked by the polio vaccine itself, they assumed it would be easier to stop than a natural “wild” virus.

They were wrong.

In 2007, health experts reported that amid Nigeria’s ongoing outbreak of wild polio viruses, 69 children had also been paralyzed in a new outbreak caused by the mutation of a vaccine’s virus.

(Kinda makes you want to run out and get your H1N1 (Swine Flu) shots, don’t it?)

Global Warming Data 90 percent Flawed

August 6, 2009 Leave a comment

Man-made global warming theory based on FALSE data.

Researchers who have inspected climate monitoring stations across the U.S. have found that almost 90 percent of the weather monitoring stations have failed to meet National Weather Service requirements.

Anthony Watts, a retired meteorologist, and a team of over 650 volunteers, photographically documented 1003 out of 1,221 of the climate monitoring stations managed by the U.S. Weather Service. The results of this survey show that the temperature cited as proof of man-made global warming is laced with false biases in favor of alarmism.

“We found stations located next to exhaust fans of air conditioning units, surrounded by asphalt parking lots and roads, on blistering-hot rooftops, and near sidewalks and buildings that absorb and radiate heat,” Watts said. “We found 68 stations located at wastewater treatment plants, where the process of waste digestion causes temperatures to be higher than in surrounding areas.”

The research team also determined that 89 percent did not measure up to the National Weather Service’s requirement that stations must be 30 meters (about 100 feet) or more away from an artificial heating source. This means almost 9 out of every 10 stations are reporting higher temperatures because they are badly sited.

“The errors in the record exceed by a wide margin the purported rise in temperatures of 0.7 degrees C (about 1.2 degrees F) during the twentieth century,” Watts said.

An analysis of 948 stations rated as of May 31, 2009, Watts estimates that 22 percent of stations have an expected error of 1 degree C, 61 percent have an expected error of 2 degrees C, and 8 percent have an expected error of 5 degrees C.

“This record should not be cited as evidence of any trend in temperature that may have occurred across the U.S. during the past century,” he said. “Since the U.S. record is thought to be `the best in the world,’ it follows that the global database is likely similarly compromised and unreliable.”–52563192.html