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Obama Makes CIA Interrogations a Public Matter

August 25, 2009 Leave a comment

CIA interrogators used a handgun and an electric drill to ‘try to frighten’ a captured al-Qaida commander into giving up information, according to a long-concealed agency report due to be made public next week, former and current U.S. officials who have read the document said Friday.

Oooh… They tried to SCARE the poor al-Qaida terrorists! How horrible!

The tactics — which one official described Friday as a ‘threatened execution’ — were used on Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, according to the CIA’s inspector general’s report on the agency’s interrogation program. Nashiri, who was captured in November 2002 and held for four years in one of the CIA’s “black site” prisons, ultimately became one of three al-Qaida chieftains subjected to a form of simulated drowning known as waterboarding.

The report also says that a ‘mock execution’ was staged in a room next to one terrorism suspect, according to Newsweek magazine, citing two sources for its information. The magazine was the first to publish details from the report, which it did on its Web site late Friday.

A federal judge in New York has ordered a redacted version of the classified IG report to be publicly released Monday, in response to a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union. Since June, lawyers for the Justice Department and the CIA have been scrutinizing the document to determine how much of it can be made public.

I find it obscene that US interrogators draw such attention and ire while al-Qaida and other Islamic groups go virtually unnoticed having committed the most horrendous acts imaginable. Such as: Barbaric Beheadings, Skinning alive peacekeepers, Raping Christian missionaries, Castrating Prisoners and other monstrosities to hideous to describe here.

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