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POLL: New Yorkers Disgusted With “Worst in the Nation” Lawmakers

August 18, 2009 Leave a comment

New Yorkers have become so disgusted with their “worst in the nation” state Legislature they’re willing to dump their local lawmakers to fix it, according to a new poll out this morning.

The Quinnipiac University survey found 58 percent of the state’s registered voters rank the 212-member Legislature as “the worst” or “among the worst” in the United States, up from 42 percent in January.

The dismal 16-point upswing follows a disastrous legislative session, in which lawmakers raised state taxes by more than $8 billion, rejected most of Gov. Paterson’s reform proposals and wasted five weeks on an internal power struggle in the Senate.

The poll shows nearly half of voters – 49 percent to 40 percent – believe their local senator deserves to be thrown out of office as punishment for the coup. Another 50 percent said the 31-day Senate stalemate left them “embarrassed to be a New Yorker.”

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